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One Jumpy Missionary
I am depressed. I like activity and from the time I drink my first cup of coffee in the morning until I fall into bed exhausted, I want to be active. I have run out of steam. My husband and children tell me that I am no longer happy when I wake up. Before noon I need more rest. Nothing seems to make a lot of sense anymore. What should i do?

You have given me a lot of hints as to what could be going on. But I need to ask more questions. Activity is not bad. Yet, I am concerned about your needing to be active all day until you are worn out. That is never good for your health, your marriage, your family and ministry. Sometimes we keep going because we feel very inadequate. We believe that we must maintain a high level of activity in order to justify our existence. I appreciate your work ethics but it is out of balance. Slow down. God wants you to enjoy your husband and family and it is obvious from your question that you are too busy for them. There might be something else going on so you must first of all have a good physical exam. After you get those results, contact me again. I have more questions for you.

A Discouraged Couple
Five years ago my wife and I began our mission work. We struggled through language school but made it. We began our assignment and we had an exciting first year. Since then it seems as though everything has gone down hill. We have very little work satisfaction. We are thinking about leaving. Can you help us?

The first step in finding a solution to a problem is to ask for help. Thanks for taking the first step. The initial excitement of your ministry seems to have worn off. Perhaps the expectations you had for your work were not met. Generally those first expectations are unrealistic. Focus on the work you have been able to do. Write down what you would like to accomplish by the end of this year. Be sure that it is realistic. Plan how you can do it.
Recognize that God led you there because He had something for you to do. Perhaps you think your work is finished. Maybe it is but discouragement and unmet expectations can fog your thinking. Sit down tonight - just the two of you - and share the joys of your first year (only the good things!). What happened? What made it good? Did you feel good about yourself and the job you did? Why? What could you do today to bring back that old joy of service. Don't look at the past to see what went wrong. Do an Apostle Paul, press on - look ahead. If a runner looks back he will loose the race. Let's win this one.

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